• YEAR : 2015
Professionally equipped stadium in the town of Dolni Chiflik

"TICHA" Stadium


TICHA Stadium is located in the town of Dolni Chiflik and provides excellent conditions for sport and recreation.The football field is in the central part of the sports complex and has artificial grass flooring, it is sized according to the current rules and norms and meets the requirements of UEFA and the Bulgarian Football Union for the holding of official football matches.

Around the field there is an artificial athletic track The spectators’ pitch has 732 seats located parallel to the long side of the playing field divided into three blocks – central and two sides There are places for people with disabilities in the two blocks, and there are 160 seats in the central block C, of which 52 are in the VIP box and the other 78 are accessible to the public. There are a total of 560 seats in the two side blocks, plus 6 for disabled people and for their companions. In the south-west of the Ticha Sport Complex there is a service building located next to the parking lot.

There are two main access zones – one is mixed (for sportsmen and visitors), with modern sanitary and private rooms and the other one is for sportsmen and sport-technicians only and they have modern dressing rooms, relaxation rooms, doctor’s office , rooms for judges and other staff The parking lots are located next to the servicing building and the stands, and there are offices, places for disabled and visitors, and the complex is equipped with a new water tank and water treatment plant.




Dolni Chiflik
Municipality of Varna, Bulgaria